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Cool Things in Navigator for IBM i

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ACS customer panel of tips, tricks, and bleeding edge solutions

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Insights from IT Security and Compliance Challenges, Priorities and Plans

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Perforce acquires ZEND – The future of PHP – a deep dive

Carol Woodbury
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IBM i – What’s new in Security

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IBM’s Support Transformation – Support Tips, Tricks, Best Practices

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SQL Q&A Panel

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Connecting PHP on Windows to IBM DB2 on i

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IBM i Modernization

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Using Db2 and SQL with Open Source Languages on IBM i

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A Case for Business Preparedness / Why & How to use Node.JS on IBM i

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Parsing JSON and XML with RPG

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iNav – Android Navigator for i (Part 1)

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Activation Groups

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Escape from Venezuela

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Db2 Web Query for i – from Query/400 modernization to advanced data visualizations – all on IBM i !

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Live Internet of Things (IoT) demo with the IBM i

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SQL for the RPG Developer

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Spectre/Meltdown Vulnerabilities and Remediation

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Debugging with RDi