UIIPA – Our 34th Year!

UIIPA – Our 34th Year!

Utah IBM i Professionals Association

September 9th, 2009 – PHP on the System i:Getting Started – Zend Technologies, Inc.

Mike Pavlak from Zend Technologies gave a great presentation on PHP for the IBM System i. Several of the user group members logged in online to participate and ask questions. A recording of the presentation is available at http://www.zend.com/en/resources/webinars/i5-os. Zend is offering a $100 discount on their online training for anyone who registers and watches this presentation. This offer is good through the end of September.

PHP has become a significant component of the IBM i development portfolio. This session introduces the advantages to PHP IBM i and the steps to get going with PHP in the typical IBM i environment. Topics include software installation, configuration, troubleshooting and basic PHP script creation. Come see how to enable your DB2 content quickly and easily using the world’s most popular web scripting language.

PHP is an open source database scripting language for the web that IBM has embraced as one of the solutions for the System i. Zend Technologies, Inc. is IBM’s partner in providing support for PHP on the i. They also provide the Server download instructions (Zend Core) a development environment (Zend Studio) and PHP training (for a fee). Over 21 million websites use PHP. It is the most popular module for the Apache server. There are hundreds of developer resources and PHP user communities starting at the PHP.net site for all the open source information and links to the PHP resources.

More information about PHP for the IBM System i can be found at www.zend.com.