UIIPA – Our 34th Year!

UIIPA – Our 34th Year!

Utah IBM i Professionals Association

February 10th, 2010 – Robin Van Wagenen of IBM

Topic: IBM Power Systems update

Robin Van Wagenen presented a preview of the next generation Power Systems, coming February 2010. IBM will be introducing the next generation of Power Systems™, designed to support the complex workloads and dynamic computing models of a new kind of world. These new systems will be the first of a series of systems and storage that will play a vital role in creating the smarter systems required of a smarter planet. This next generation of Power Systems will be the future of UNIX® servers by redefining the meaning of server performance – moving from a simple performance-based view to a systems view by providing the depth and breadth of capabilities required to solve complex challenges. The realization about the need for smarter systems is driving a movement to IBM.

Consider these facts: Over 2,100+ companies have migrated their workloads to IBM Power Systems over the last 4 years Over the past four years IBM has migrated over 1,000+ Sun customers and 800+ HP UNIX customers to Power In the last last year alone, 500+ companies elected to migrate from other platforms to Power — more than 90% were Sun and HP customers IBM gained 4.4 points of UNIX revenue share year-to-year through the third quarter of 2009 and we expect that lead to grow when analysts include fourth quarter results. IBM is now more than 12 points ahead of both HP and Sun at nearly 40% UNIX revenue share. *

* IDC, December 2009, shares based on rolling-four-quarters to 3Q09
See below to see the video of the presentation. (a little over an hour long)