UIIPA – Our 32nd Year!

UIIPA – Our 32nd Year!

Utah IBM i Professionals Association

April 13th 2011 – Speaker: Dr. Paul Coleman – CHG Healthcare

This month we were priviledged to have Dr. Paul Coleman from CHG Healthcare talk about his full scale Salesforce.com migration and integration with their IBM midrange server (v6r1). They are tying RPG directly to Java classes so the RPG programmers can work directly with the Salesforce webservice APIs (SOAP & REST) without having to use a third-party web services solution, or API calls, or the ILE C compiler (Axis runtime in the XML Toolkit for i). They prototype the Java classes/procedures in /copy members and they call the java routines in free-format RPGILE just as they would any other sub-procedure. They are not using PCML/X.

See the video of his presentation below:

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYKzvi0A]

Here is a link to his powerpoint presentation.

Let us know your thoughts on the video.

3 Responses to April 13th 2011 – Speaker: Dr. Paul Coleman – CHG Healthcare

  1. This was a good meeting. The integration between RPG and JAVA tools is a must-have.
    Why someone would like to have RPG ILE and JAVA integrated? Because there is plenty of open source packages out there like iText the world leading package to create PDF documents programatically, BIRT (Bussines Intelligence and Reporting Tools) that offers capabilities for rich clients and web applications, or JFreeChart that display quality charts on the applications, these three examples are Open Source written in Java.

    Just fire up your RPG legacy system to start talking with JAVA, it is easy!

  2. Has anyone started using this ? I would be interested in chatting with anyone who has used this approach to integrate RPGLE with Salesforce

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