June 20th – Annual Election and Speaker

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This month is our Annual Officer Election Luncheon so come join us for lunch and bring your nominations and votes with you! ūüėČ

There has been a lot of interest in the new IBM Pure Systems that was announced a few weeks ago and so we have rescheduled the meeting to be on June 20th so that we can have a special guest come and talk to use specifically about this.  Mark Ruberry is an IBM Client Technical Specialist supporting IBM Power Systems from IBM and has agreed to come and talk to us about the IBM Pure Systems announcement.  He will talk about the Expert Integrated Systems and answer the questions that we have about how this relates to the IBM i community.


Expert integrated systems combine the flexibility of general purpose systems, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance tuned to the workload.

Expert integrated systems fundamentally change the experience and economics of IT with built-in expertise, integration by design and a simplified experience.

IBM PureSystems is IBM’s first-ever family of integrated systems with built in expertise.

The characteristics of PureSystems are:

Built-in expertise

Expert integrated systems capture and automate best-practices and expertise, reducing manual steps that delay projects.

Integration by design

Expert integrated systems should start with carefully selected. integrated, tuned and optimized components designed for the workload. The ability to optimize the system for workload expertise must be built-in, and open for all application providers to participate.

Simplified experience

With expert integrated systems you don’t have to focus time on supporting individual software and hardware components. Instead, you purchase, deploy, manage and upgrade one integrated system.

IBM PureSystems use Patterns of Expertise that can automatically balance, manage and optimize the elements of your solution, from the underlying infrastructure and platform resources up to the application.

These patterns of expertise help deliver and manage today’s modern business processes, services and applications. They do so by encapsulating, into a repeatable and deployable form, proven best practices and expertise gained from decades of optimizing the deployment and management of data centers, software infrastructures and applications around the world. These patterns are not just a blueprint or a set of instructions to help you; the expertise is built-in and ready to help you achieve:


As you seek to innovate to bring products and services to market faster, you need fast time-to-value. Expertise built into a solution can eliminate manual steps, automate delivery and support innovation


With optimized patterns of expertise, you can accelerate cloud implementations to lower risk by improving security and reducing human error.


You need a less complex environment. Patterns of expertise can help you simplify the deployment and management of application workloads while minimizing potential startup issues and manual errors.


To reduce costs and conserve valuable resources, you must get the most out of your systems with energy efficiency, simple management and fast, automated response to problems. With built-in expertise, you can optimize your critical business applications and get the most of your investments.

PureFlex System¬†is an infrastructure system that provides an integrated computing system — combining servers, storage,networking, virtualization, and management into a single structure.

PureApplication System is specifically designed and tuned for transactional Web and database applications. Solutions enabled on the PureApplication System are packaged into patterns built for a cloud environment and easy deployment.

Golden CorralCome and join us for a Lunch and Learn at the¬†Golden Corral¬†at ¬†8860 Redwood Rd, West Jordan, UT 84088, starting at 11:30¬†am. ¬†Don’t forget to send your RSVP for a headcount.

Author: Joe Wood