UIIPA – Our 32nd Year!

UIIPA – Our 32nd Year!

Utah IBM i Professionals Association

Windows Replaced By IBM i, Hosted Software, And Web Portal

One of our own User Group Members, Nathan Andelin, has been and avid influencer in the IBM i Community and has been developing cloud solutions for the Educational market.  He was recently interviewed by Dan Burger of IT Jungle where he outlines the great benefit of using the IBM i for providing hosted solutions that are superior to Windows based solutions.  Great work, Nathan!

See the article at the link below.


One Response to Windows Replaced By IBM i, Hosted Software, And Web Portal

  1. Wow, Mr. Cheney. Dan Berger of IT Jungle called me a few weeks ago and again last week, so I knew he was interested in writing an article. But you must have found out about it actually being published before I did.

    I kind of imagined that Dan Berger might pass a draft by me to edit before print. I would have made a correction or clarification or two. Oh well.

    Even though we’re a very small company we’ve been able to deploy a fairly robust portfolio of IBM i applications that are beginning to gain traction in the market. I hope others might be inspired by our example and do likewise.

    I know there are many opportunities out there. Not just with K-12 schools. If we were not serving schools, we would still use IBM i to serve a vertical market of some kind.

    If more companies would follow our lead, there would be no question about whether the platform was growing or declining, the question would be why aren’t more people taking advantage of the opportunities to deploy IBM i applications?



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