UIIPA – Our 34th Year!

UIIPA – Our 34th Year!

Utah IBM i Professionals Association

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Video of Gary Larsons’ Presentation on IBM i Access

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IBM i Access Client Solutions

Are you an IBM i Access user (formerly known as IBM Client Access)? IBM has added a brand new member to the family called IBM i Access Client Solutions. It provides a Java based, platform-independent solution that runs on most operating systems that support Java, including Linux, Mac, and Windows. Read more »

Who’s fault is it?

Death of the AS/400?

In our user group discussions we hear the undercurrent of worries about the death of the AS/400 and where our jobs will be in the future.  Do I believe that our revered IBM i system is dying? Absolutely not! In fact there is a great LinkedIn discussion going on right now started by Nathan Andelin that I think all of us need to be paying attention to.  It talks about what we need to be doing as Admins and Developers to put the IBM i back in the very viable role as the solution for our respective business communities.  But the responsibility rests on each of our own shoulders.

Take a look and give us your thoughts.