Video of Gary Larsons’ Presentation on IBM i Access

IBM i Access Client Solutions

Are you an IBM i Access user (formerly known as IBM Client Access)? IBM has added a brand new member to the family called IBM i Access Client Solutions. It provides a Java based, platform-independent solution that runs on most operating systems that support Java, including Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Imagine having nearly all the features of the standard IBM i Access client and being able to run it on practically any machine, including those finicky Macs that we now have to deal with. Imagine being able to run it straight from a thumb drive without even installing it.

IBM i Access Client Solutions consolidates the most commonly used tasks for accessing your IBM i, including 5250 emulation, data transfer, a virtual control panel, printer emulation and 5250 emulation for LAN Console.

Best of all it’s already included in your current IBM i Access Family license so you can download it today and use it today.

Author: Joe Wood