1 thought on “ILE RPG presentation by Bill Hunter

  1. There are quite a few concepts and techniques to master under ILE, most of which Bill outlined in his presentation, which was well done.

    Procedure Prototypes
    Procedure Interfaces and Return Values
    Procedure and Data Exports / Imports
    Main Procedures
    Named Procedures
    Static Binding
    Dynamic Binding
    Binding Multiple Modules and Languages into Single Program Objects
    Bind by Copy
    Bind by Reference
    Binder Language and Program Signatures
    Binding with “H” Specs
    Binding with Binding Directories
    Activation Groups, *caller, *new, named, default, and their Scope
    Locally Scoped Variables
    Locally Scoped Files
    Module Level Scope
    Program Level Scope
    Static Variables
    Service Programs
    Build Scripts for Programs and Service Programs
    Recursive Procedure Calls
    Callback Procedures
    Constant Parameters, Value Parameters, Parameters by Reference
    Optional *Nopass and *Omit Parameters
    Reclaiming Activation Group Storage

    Keith Day even advocated for field level getter() and setter() procedures as opposed to using data structure exports / imports. I suppose some people just love coding 😉

    At the end of the presentation, the RPG III programmers in the room were saying how glad they were that they “didn’t have to mess with all that”. I was actually beginning to see their point.

    ILE is really powerful, but you need standards and good tools to manage it.

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