Anyone attend COMMON?

Good morning GSLMUG’rs!  Hopefully we’ll see you at our meeting later this morning.  Our presentation is on WordPress.

I wanted to ask, did any of you have a chance to attend the COMMON conference this week?  If so, let us know what you learned from it this year.  I was able to go as a press member so I didn’t get to go to the classes themselves but in talking with some of the other attendees, there were lots of great sessions.  Let us know what you got out of it.

Author: Joe Wood

1 thought on “Anyone attend COMMON?

  1. All,

    I’ve never had a chance to make any COMMON event (made time for), even with multiple decades on the platform. To spur additional feedback with this post, please chime in with: Are you a COMMON member ? Do you find value with a COMMON membership ? What COMMON membership type do you or does your organization support ?

    (will miss today’s meeting and look forward to Ammon’s slide deck)

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