UIIPA – Our 33rd Year!

UIIPA – Our 33rd Year!

Utah IBM i Professionals Association

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GSLMUG February Meeting – Speaker: Dean Compher – Big Data

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We were pleased to hear from Dean Compher, IBM IT Specialist here in Salt Lake City talk to us about Big Data.  He reviewed the impact of the incredible continuing growth of data that is being collected and how organizations are trying to work with new technologies that help understand all of that data.   Read more »

January 11, 2012 – Robin Van Wagenen

Robin Van WagenenRobin, if you haven’t heard, recently retired from IBM as a POWER Systems/Storage Specialist with nearly 33 years of service.  We will miss her as our IBM representative.  Robin shared with us some of her history, background, experiences, insights, highlights, lowlights, and much more that has been packed into those many years with IBM. Enjoy this video of her presentation.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3ozbamnY5E?hl=en&fs=1]

IBM 100 Year Anniversary video

IBM has a very interesting video in celebration of their 100 year anniversary. It made me a bit more proud to work with IBM.  Take a peek.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39jtNUGgmd4]

November 9th – Simon O’Sullivan presentation on Disaster Recovery Scenarios


Our November meeting was a great presentation by Simon O’Sullivan of Maxava.  He was here all the way from New Zealand so that we could enjoy the insight and shared experiences of the various disaster recovery scenarios that Maxava has help their clients address.

But first of all, we had Matt Kingdon give us a little 4 minute video about the Utah ShakeOut organization which is getting Utah ready for the next big earthquake by having a drill on April 17, 2012. Check the website at http://www.shakeout.org/utah/.

Then Simon O’Sullivan showed us the real live experiences that business’s had during the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake and the Japan tsunami.  He also talked a little about some of the events that happened here in the United States.  As IBM i administrators and developers, we are keenly aware of the great capabilities of this platform and started some great discussion and comments throughout this presentation. We learned much and enjoyed the new insight.

Here is the video.


July 20th – Jason Nacey on IBM i Web Integration with Java

ADP logo

Jason Nacey from ADP gave us an excellent presentation on the basics of building web pages to access the IBM i database using Java tools. He gave us examples and links to additional resources that are great to help us get started on our own projects.  Great presentation and great questions by the users. Read more »

June 8th – Kurt Williams

Kurt Williams – Mindshare – Social Networking for Business

Kurt Williams of Miindshare

Kurt Williams from Mindshare talked with about ‘Social Networking’ and its application in the business community. Kurt was recently awarded the ‘CTO of the Year’ by the Utah Technology Council (UTC). In 2010, Williams and his team created groundbreaking tech innovations for the Enterprise Feedback Management industry (EFM). Mindshare’s 3-tiered Text Analytics Suite, Williams’ brainchild, is known as the most thorough, easy-to-use Text Analytics product in the industry. Williams also lead the creation of Mindshare Coach™, the reporting/recommending app that provides customer feedback results in an easy-to-understand dashboard that any manager at all levels can follow.

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April 13th 2011 – Speaker: Dr. Paul Coleman – CHG Healthcare

This month we were priviledged to have Dr. Paul Coleman from CHG Healthcare talk about his full scale Salesforce.com migration and integration with their IBM midrange server (v6r1). They are tying RPG directly to Java classes so the RPG programmers can work directly with the Salesforce webservice APIs (SOAP & REST) without having to use a third-party web services solution, or API calls, or the ILE C compiler (Axis runtime in the XML Toolkit for i). They prototype the Java classes/procedures in /copy members and they call the java routines in free-format RPGILE just as they would any other sub-procedure. They are not using PCML/X.

See the video of his presentation below: Read more »

January 12th 2011 – Bob Padzieski from ATS – IBM Systems Director on IBM i

Bob Padzieski from ATS

Bob Padzieski from ATS today will be our lead presenter. His focus is System i, however he will present from the perspective that a System i environment will usually include some Windows servers attached. He will go through the features in Systems Director that are platform neutral as well as discuss at a high level what can be done for Window. Paul Casterlin from the Systems Director product team will also be attending and will be able to address any questions.

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February 10th, 2010 – Robin Van Wagenen of IBM

Topic: IBM Power Systems update

Robin Van Wagenen presented a preview of the next generation Power Systems, coming February 2010. IBM will be introducing the next generation of Power Systems™, designed to support the complex workloads and dynamic computing models of a new kind of world. These new systems will be the first of a series of systems and storage that will play a vital role in creating the smarter systems required of a smarter planet. This next generation of Power Systems will be the future of UNIX® servers by redefining the meaning of server performance – moving from a simple performance-based view to a systems view by providing the depth and breadth of capabilities required to solve complex challenges. The realization about the need for smarter systems is driving a movement to IBM. Read more »