Live Internet of Things (IoT) demo with the IBM i

Date: Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm (Free Parking, Raffle, & Lunch)

Location: ADP Salt Lake City – 2835 Decker Lake Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84119 [Directions/Parking Info]android-code

Presenter: Haroldo Paulino – Software Engineer (BMA Banking Systems)

Topic: Live Internet of Things (IoT) demonstration with the IBM i

This will be a fun Internet of Things (IoT) presentation with custom hardware and circuits being controlled by a live IBM i system.

A “thing” is any object with embedded electronics that can transfer data over a network — without any human interaction. Examples are wearable devices, environmental sensors, machinery in factories, devices in homes and buildings, or components in a vehicle.

  • What will be covered:
    • Controlling house lights, sprinklers and even Christmas lights with your IBM i.
    • How to interact with various electronic sensors. Temperature, Humidity, Light, Proximity and more.
    • IBM i running a Smart Mirror.
    • Java, SQL, Python and Arduino.

Who Should Attend: Developers of all levels/languages/platforms, Admins, Account managers, support staff, colleagues, bosses and more – all are welcome.

Bio: Haroldo began his career in 1995, at the company he founded, in partnership with his brother and was initially responsible for IT services, along with developing MS-DOS based database applications.

He graduated with a BA in Computer Science in 1999, when his role as a programmer for his own company had grown exponentially. He had already incorporated several different technologies into his daily routine, among those: Pascal, Delphi, Dbase, Interbase, Paradox, MySQL, SQL, Sockets, parallel printer API control, using Assembly for various task like dial-up modem communication, and remote oil rig valve control.

He also became a consultant for one of Brazil’s biggest banks, Federal Reserve Bank, where he recruited a specific team to build a major banking system that governed several branches’ daily workload.

He is a researcher by nature; always learning about new tools that can expand his reach and deliver quality results.

His current programming passions are Java, Android and IOS.

Even though his company was moving forward, he wanted to live in the USA. He immigrated in 2003, got married and currently has two children.

He enjoys going on bike rides with his family, swimming laps and building great memories with his loved ones. If you ever see two bikers riding around Layton, it’s probably him and his son.

Haroldo values focus, discipline and fun. Work hard, play hard.

Special thanks to Maxava (Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, & High Availability Software for the IBM i) for their generous contributions and support of the UIIPA membership.

Author: Joe Wood