Connecting PHP on Windows to IBM DB2 on i

Date: Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm (Free Parking, Raffle, & Lunch)

Location: ADP Salt Lake City – 2835 Decker Lake Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84119 [Directions/Parking Info]

Presenter: Arthur Magamedov – Sr. Web Programmer at Sentinel Security Life

Topic: Connecting PHP on Windows to IBM DB2 on i

1 – Setting up ibm db2 cli drivers
2 – Compiling php_ibm_db2.dll for PHP7.3
3 – Connecting PHP to db2 database with different connection options
4 – Running sql queries
5 – Bonus: running RPG program with PHP RPG Toolkit developed by Alan Seiden

Who Should Attend: Developers, Admins, Account managers, support staff, and more – all are welcome.

Bio: Arthur Magamedov began his programming path 20 years ago with creating console and windows GUI applications in C++. In 2002 Arthur has been developing a math program that helped him to formulate several hypothesizes and publish a math article about prime numbers. Later he started developing web sites and applications and made it his main specialization. In 2005 Arthur creates free web-based email service which was completely AJAX based. In 2006 and 2007 Arthur was deeply involved in developing web sites that were optimized for SEO, his website still appears on Google’s search result first line for “famous poets” query and 5th line for the single word “poets”. Arthur has started working with IBM i servers in 2008 when he started building enterprise application for insurance company running Zend Core and PHP on V5R4. Since then his primary focus is on developing web-based insurance software that runs on IBM i servers and using IBM DB2 for i as the main database. In 2014 Arthur has started working for Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company, there he set up a hosting environment with the web server and PHP running on Microsoft Windows and remotely connecting to IBM i. While working in Sentinel Security Life Arthur has developed a light weighted framework based on API calls that is currently used for internal applications and public web portals. The flexibility of this framework allowed Sentinel Security Life to build the mobile application that shares the same functionality as web-based portal with almost no changes to existing framework modules.

Author: Joe Wood

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